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Los Angeles

I have been to Los Angeles so many times for work and it was always a little holiday. Coming from NY with all the stressful lifestyle and noise, LA just has so much space, so much sun, and an ocean. Over the years, I got to know people or at least one of my friends was over there at the same time. So we would meet up and made it special besides all the work.

Those images were taken years later when I was long gone from the US. In fact, I was five-month pregnant and it was important to me to see Mary again. She moved to LA shortly after, I started my new life in Berlin. When would be the next time, I would take a plane alone and be able to hang out with her. Eat Mochi ice cream, listen to records and watch TV.

Eat Mochi ice cream, listen to records and watch TV.

We took a trip to Joshua Tree with her 77 Firebird! Mary and I traveled a lot together for work, but not once just the two of us. So it was about time.

Driving this car is already an adventure for such a long trip. With open windows, music, and the loudest engine ever heard, we passed by beautiful landscapes, a dozen donut places, endless roads, the mountains, and No Man's Land. It was the last time we had so much time together! I just wish we would live somehow closer to each other!

Our last stop for a sunny-side-up breakfast was a coffee shop right before the Joshua-Tree-Nationalpark.