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Psychic Paramount

You can see Drew, Ben and Aron swimming in a lake somewhere upstate, taking a break from the tour they have been on for the last few weeks. I can't even remember where they played before, but they stopped off in New York and took Mary, Unjo and me with them for their last gig upstate. They don't usually take the girls. It's too stressful, too distracting and a pain in the ass, because being on tour comes with lack of sleep, lots of alcohol, cigarettes and things girls don't want to be a part of.

All 5 of us spent the nights in a hotel room with a king-size bed.

I only had my Land Camera with me and I took this Polaroid of Mary in the morning as she was doing her make-up in front of the window. There is always the best light for that.

The other Polaroid shows the location of her last concert. It looks like the 60s with that old truck driving away. It was a new world for me. Hanging out with all these cool people, living their own way, not caring about fame or money, even though Drew was invited by Lou Reed to a rehearsal he never went to because he didn't care enough. Drew had an article in the NY Times for his unique way of playing guitar. They could have made a living from their music if they'd been a little more (commercial), but they wanted to play the music they liked and not the music the rest of the world liked. I admire that, even though it is the harder way and the struggle of a lifetime. But they lived for something that I will probably never have in my whole life.